Our purpose



Our primary focus is bringing a sacrifice of honor and praise to the Most High God. Our liturgy assists us with meeting that purpose. When we are weary in spirit and worship seems difficult, the liturgy in effect is a stream of life-giving water flowing toward the throne of God, carrying us in its current when we have exhausted all our strength.

Our service is also sacramental in nature. Every action, gesture, and element is significant and ripe with symbolism. Humans naturally gravitate toward tangible symbols and ceremonial rituals to commemorate and celebrate important milestones or abstract truths and covenants. Just as Jesus used the everyday stuff of life (bread, wine, oil, etc.) to convey His kingdom ethic, so we believe that the sacramental nature of our worship, its physical elements, enhance our worship and can act as vehicles of His grace. 

Our sincere desire is for all of us to grow in our faith in God and our love for one another.